Introducing Marvel

Free & Unlimited Prototyping for Designers

We’re excited to announce our first seed investment, Marvel

Marvel is a really simple tool that turns images and design files into interactive, sharable prototypes without needing to get your hands dirty with coding.

The beauty of Marvel is that it’s completely powered by Dropbox, meaning that every change to your image is synced to the prototype. You’ll never have to keep reuploading files every time you tweak the design, Marvel just does its job and gets out of the way.

It’s simple enough for anyone to use. Whether you’re a product manager that needs to quickly put together something for a meeting or a experienced designer making sure your designs are pixel-perfect, Marvel is for you.

Its free so signup and give it a go!

One reply on “Introducing Marvel

  • Nick Botham

    This seems like a great concept! As someone who is currently in the process of designing an app, this will be a very easy, yet professional way to create a quick working model to show others. Great work!

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