Iterate Studio & Demandware

Iterate Studio and Demandware, the industry-leading provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions today announced the launch of the Iterate Studio’s unique Iterate Innovation Cartridge within the Demandware LINK Marketplace.

One unique feature of this single cartridge is that it gives clients of Demandware immediate access to a growing array of trial accounts with pre-screened emerging technology vendors (Startups). The cartridge currently supports six pre-vetted early stage vendors with plans to expand the pool to 30-40 vendors by year-end.

To browse and access vendor pilot accounts, a retailer simply logs onto’s Innovation Control Center to select the required vendor and their Tag will be activated in the cartridge. The selected vendors will assist on all pilot implementation and configuration issues. When a pilot is successful, the retailer and vendor agree to terms and move into a production relationship. A second unique feature of the Iterate Innovation Cartridge allows the retailer to switch from pilot to production mode without having to deal with installing a separate vendor-specific cartridge.

As part of their “try before you buy” philosophy, a free trial of the Iterate Innovation Cartridge is available. Two of Iterate’s most popular startups are pre-loaded into the cartridge so Demandware retailers can fully experience this entirely new way of shopping for innovation prior to making any commitment. Access to all other trial accounts is available for an annual pilot fee. The Cartridge itself is free for download and available on the Demandware LINK marketplace at here.

A third unique feature within the cartridge is access to Iterate’s unique PilotPass™ universal MSA. This legal-bypass further clears the way for steady, rapid testing because it covers all of the available vendor trial accounts, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming legal review cycles.

“Innovation is at the core of the Demandware,” said Tom Griffin, senior vice president of corporate development at Demandware. “The partnership with Iterate Studio continues to complement the ongoing innovation that we deliver to the Demandware Commerce Cloud. This set of initial vendors is an exciting milestone in Iterate Studio’s momentum in the LINK community.”

“In this age of Amazon, retailers need every competitive advantage they can get,” said Brian Sathianathan, Iterate’s Chief Digital Officer. “Our one-to-many Innovation Cartridge gives Demandware clients access to a steady stream of them. The process of measuring actual results up front removes most of the time, cost and risk associated with enterprise innovation.”

Emerging technology vendors who would like to be a part of Iterate Studio or the next revision of the cartridge please contact cartridge(at)iterate(dot)ai.