Marvel Acquires Design Tool Plexi

We’re super excited to announce Marvel have acquired design tool Plexi.

Murat Mutlu, Co-Founder spoke to TechCrunch about the acquisition;

“We’re acquiring the technology which is a browser based interface UI/UX design tool and animation engine. The team behind Plexi are joining Marvel to continue to work on the tool as a core feature of the platform.

We’ve said in the past that we want to lower the barrier to prototyping and our iOS/Android apps do a great job of that by enabling users to use paper sketches as well as high-fidelity designs. However our web app has never had the same ability.

A large number of users come into Marvel and want to start making, but don’t want to learn or download complicated software to do that. In addition, animations have quickly become a core part of prototyping. People don’t just want to see how things look, but how they move too. That’s where Plexi comes in. From CSS export to in-page animations, it’s extremely powerful.”

To read more, the full article is on TechCrunch.