Move Fast with Marvel

During this month’s Retail Week Live I found myself mentally reciting Mark Zuckerberg’s favourite and famous slogan – “Move Fast & Break Things” as I encountered a never ending stream of innovation in the retail space.

With that slogan in mind I’d like to use this week’s column to talk about Marvel, a great start-up who presented on the technology stage, which could just help you move a bit faster. It’s certainly an ‘innovation-to-watch’.

Marvel is a really simple tool that transforms static design files and sketches into an interactive App, Web, Kiosk and Mobile prototype. In English this means anyone in your organisation can quickly create a prototype without writing a single line of code, saving an enormous amount of time that we’re all short of.

Let’s imagine you wanted to create a new category section in your retail app. To start you could draw some ideas on paper, a napkin (Amazon Prime was invented on a Napkin) or just about any other material and use the iPhone app to start linking pages together creating a basic prototype in minutes. You can easily share this via Email, Text or a QR code to allow anyone to test and play. Designers can then quickly take this prototype a step further with actual designs from Photoshop, Sketch or any other software tool they use whilst quickly and easily using the Marvel web interface to create a prototype.

Next you or anyone can test the prototype and see changes of the prototype in real-time, no more waiting on developers to write lines of code just to test an idea!

Marvel is already used by a remarkable 14,000 users with 30,000 design files added to the service alone last month – amazing for a start-up, which only launched in November. I’m not here to sell you a service; unlimited prototyping is free with Marvel however I am encouraging you to design quicker, prototype faster and test easier – it’s just one tool of many, which I’d highly recommend.

Yes, the prototype is not a finished product which your customers can use to checkout, it’s a prototype but it’s a great way to move fast, share it, test it and you guessed it, break it. It’s certainly an app that should be on the radar of anyone interested in innovation.

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