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Haatch Ventures started the Celebrating Entrepreneurs video series because we owe a great deal to entrepreneurs. At the launch of the series, Fred Soneya, partner at Haatch Ventures said ‘We owe so much to entrepreneurs, they take big risks, work incredibly hard, and are responsible for jobs, productivity and taxes’.

What is even more exciting are the ideas they come up with. Ideas that are often transformational for the industries they are in.

The latest in the series features Andre Brown, the founder of Advanced Commerce.

Andre is a second time founder, having previously created, grown and sold an eCommerce business, Attraqt.

Simon Penson, Partner at Haatch said ‘Investing in Advanced Commerce was a no-brainer. It is the best e-commerce platform we have ever seen.’

Andre explained it like this: ’In a brick and mortar store, an incredible amount of emphasis is placed on which product is placed where to maximise sales, commonly referred to as visual merchandising. Online merchandising is doing exactly the same for our online stores – controlling the order in which customers see products, based on their individual interests, to maximise sales.’ 

You can see the interview with Andre here.

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