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Haatch Ventures and GrowthInvest: Interview

On behalf of GrowthInvest, Lawrence Gosling (Editorial Director of What Investment and BBC business analyst) interviewed us, to give advisers and investors a genuine insight into what we do at Haatch Ventures.

Questions and Answers

1. Tell us about Haatch1:31

2. What is digital transformation? – 7:08

3. Why share your investment management with a wider audience? – 9:17

4. Why is 10x achievable? – 11:53

5. Explain how you have and will continue to select investee businesses – 13:49

6. What do you think is the balance between Wealth creation and Job creation? – 17:37

7. What can be done to grow the amount of growth capital coming into the market? 23:50

8. What can we expect from Haatch Ventures over the next 18 months? – 25:52

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