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How Seed VC’s are Magnifying Angel Investment
July 05 - 2020 - News

In recent years we have seen a sharp rise in Seed VC funds who are looking to empower founders at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. With the professionalised approach of an institution combined with the speed and hands on support of an angel investor, they are quickly gaining a reputation akin to a top super angel.

Fred Soneya will be joining the UKBAA for a webinar on 14th July at 11am to discuss how he is using his previous experience to back early-stage founders. He will also be joined by Mads Jenson, SuperSeed and Reece Chowdhry, RLC Ventures who will give an insight into how the Seed VC model of investing works, how they differ from angels and traditional VC’s and where they add the most value to the funding journey.

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