MMC Ventures EIS Fund

MMC’s EIS Funds offer investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of transformative companies that are challenging and replacing cultural and business norms, popularising new customer behaviours, inventing new industries, creating new jobs, and generating huge value in the process.

The objective of the MMC EIS Funds is significant capital growth, targeting a return of 3x+ on each investor’s portfolio.

How does the Haatch EIS Fund compare?

The Haatch EIS fund builds investors a diversified portfolio of 4-6 early-stage technology startups.

The Haatch EIS Fund invests in EIS-qualifying companies that can exhibit highly scalable and disruptive models for growth by enabling digital transformation.

The Haatch EIS Fund’s’ sweet spot is to invest in companies that have monthly recurring revenue and are requiring funding to accelerate their growth.

Important Information

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