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Our early stage investments via Haatch Angel and our EIS fund Haatch Ventures power the pioneers of the digital revolution - one transformative start up at a time!


We’re a team of hands-on value creators. We have been there. Built scaled companies of our own and sold them.

Scott Weavers-Wright2 Exits Worth $150m+
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Scott Weavers-Wright

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Real experience in building early-stage tech ventures into blockbuster companies and delivering multiple exits.

Haatch was founded by Scott Weavers-Wright, Elaine Weavers-Wright and Fred Soneya in September 2013.
Since then we have been investing in early-stage technology companies under the Haatch Angel brand and our EIS fund Haatch Ventures.
We look for start ups that can exhibit highly scalable and disruptive models for growth, with our sweet spot being an MVP with some early traction in market requiring investment to scale to Series A.
Alongside much needed cash we also provide something even more important – experienced support, advice and network opportunities to maximise the chances of success.
And who are we? In short we’re a team of hands-on value creators. We have been there. Built scaled companies of our own and sold them.
We use that knowledge, experience and network to accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies, helping those that partner with us to avoid the challenges of early stage growth.
Our EIS fund Haatch Ventures enables investors to benefit from our knowledge & experience of investing in disruptive UK technology, whilst taking advantage of significant tax reliefs under the SEIS & EIS scheme.

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SEIS & EIS provides UK tax payers an exceptionally tax efficient method of Investment.

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30%-50% Tax Relief

Investors may claim income tax relief on amounts invested into SEIS & EIS qualifying companies.

Capital Gains Tax Free

No Capital Gains Tax on the disposal of shares which have been held for at least 3 years.

Loss Relief

Losses incurred from an investment in EIS-qualifying shares qualify for loss relief offset against income tax.

Inheritance Tax Free

SEIS & EIS shares qualify for 100% Inheritance Tax exemption after a holding period of 2 years.

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