Haatch Ventures EIS Fund

We enable investors to benefit from our knowledge & experience of investing in disruptive UK technology whilst taking advantage of significant tax reliefs under the SEIS & EIS scheme.


Startups Reviewed per Year


Diversified Portfolio


Partners Contribution into EIS Fund

Invest alongside experienced entrepreneurs and multi-exit founders.

Haatch Ventures is an EIS Fund and incubator designed to invest not just cold hard cash into exciting tech-enabled startups, but, critically, hands-on support and help too.

And with the rate of technology-enabled disruption accelerating exponentially around such areas as the gig economy, autonomous vehicles, the rollout of 5G and connected devices, the march of cloud computing and digital disruption the timing could not be better.

See how the Haatch Portfolio has continued to perform through Covd-19
EIS Tax Benefits
  • 30% – 50% Income Tax Relief
  • Capital Gains Tax Deferral
  • Capital Gains Free Returns
  • Loss Relief
  • Inheritance Tax Relief
Established Dealflow
  • 500+ Decks Per Year
  • 50% Warm Introductions
  • 20% Portfolio Introductions
Evergreen Fund
  • Always Open
  • Quarterly Closes
  • 4-6 Companies
  • SEIS & EIS
  • Smart Money
Multi-Exit Founders
  • Kiddicare £70m
  • Zazzle £30m+
  • Elevaate £25m+ 

Investment Strategy


Build a diversified portfolio of 4-6 transformative digital investments


Focus on companies that have ideas to transform established markets with digital innovation


Led by a management team that have been at the heart of digital transformation for 21 years


Target a significant return on each investment over 4-7 years


Support with follow on raises from additional Haatch funds and VC network


Take an active role in the management and development of investee companies

“The Fund has a target return of 10x which is significantly higher than any other SEIS or EIS fund currently fundraising and listed on MICAP, and the track record of Haatch Angel somewhat supports the ambition of this target.” – MICAP

Investment Focus

Independent Reviews

Our fund has leading independent reviews from Hardman and Co and MICAP.

Hardman & Co

Gold-standard research & analysis for ambitious businesses.


The go-to place when advising on tax-advantaged investments.

Request Information Memorandum.

Our Information Memorandum is packed with detail on our background, dealflow, investment stategy, regulatory structure and success to-date. Simply fill out the form to request a copy of our IM.

The Haatch Ventures EIS Fund is only open to HNW or Sophisticated Investors. Prior to reciving our IM you will be asked to certify as a HNW or Sophisticated Investor and request to be categorised as a professional investor.

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