Haatch Ventures SEIS Fund

The Haatch SEIS Fund is now open for subscription. Don’t miss out – Invest now!

About Our SEIS Fund

The Haatch Ventures SEIS fund aims to create a diversified portfolio of 15-20 technology businesses. We review over 700 potential SEIS deals every year, making sure we select start-ups that we believe are going to become digital disrupters.

Haatch’s SEIS fund is focused on the very earliest stage of companies, ran by passionate and driven founders, who have an early MVP and now need initial capital and expert guidance to go-to-market.

Haatch’s SEIS fund aims to return 10x your initial investment, while investors can also benefit from up to 50% income tax relief, and tax free capital gains.

The first Haatch SEIS fund was oversubscribed within two weeks of launching. Don’t miss out – invest now!

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“The Fund has a target return of 10x which is significantly higher than any other SEIS or EIS fund currently fundraising and listed on MICAP, and the track record of Haatch Angel somewhat supports the ambition of this target.” – MICAP

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