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Scott Weavers-Wright receives an OBE for Technology and Retail E-commerce Entrepreneurship
June 02 - 2022 - Press Release

Scott Weavers-Wright has been awarded an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) as announced in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2022 in recognition of his services to Technology and Retail E-commerce Entrepreneurship.

Scott is best known for co-founding one of Britain’s largest e-commerce businesses and creating the monetisation platform which were both acquired for north of $150m. 

After the Kiddicare acquisition, Scott became Managing Director of and Chief Digital Architect of the entire Morrisons Plc group.

In 2013, Scott created the Haatch Angel fund with Elle, his wife and Fred Soneya and used his personal wealth to back digital entrepreneurs in both the U.S and UK markets, seeing a return of 276x from one of his initial investments.

Based on the success of Haatch Angel he co-founded Haatch Ventures LLP in 2018 and has doubled down investment exclusively into UK companies, creating 1200+ jobs via 82 investments into 52 digital growth companies. The portfolio is now valued at £400m+, with the first fund at 3.9x monies invested since its launch in 2018. 

The focus of Haatch is to invest in and support UK growth-focused digital transformation businesses which are the backbone of the UK economy. Scott uses his knowledge and experience to provide hands-on support to the Haatch portfolio companies which are in the technology and retail e-commerce sectors. 

Reaching sixth on the Retail Week Power List, Scott is regarded by many as one of the UK’s most innovative business professionals in retail and has a wealth of experience in building and scaling large e-commerce businesses across the UK. 

Scott said: “I am absolutely honoured and thrilled but I must share this recognition with my wife, Elle and our children and of course everyone who has worked within one of our business ventures over the past 32 years.

I remember leaving home at the age of 18 with nothing and living on tinned ravioli in a small one-bedroom flat for a number of years but I was supported by my then future wife and 30 years later she is still keeping me on the right path.

Looking ahead, the opportunities for digital transformation are now greater than they have ever been. I believe that Haatch Ventures will be a very exciting place over the next few years.”

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