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Primis secures investment from Haatch and Frontline
February 22 - 2022 - Portfolio News

Haatch Ventures has co-led an investment round into Primis, alongside Frontline and angel investors. 

Primis provides an innovative SaaS solution focused on improving the customer experience provided to consumers post checkout.  Primis’ core offering focuses on the provision of a branded tracking SaaS solution to eCommerce retailers to enable open and on-brand communications across all post-purchase touchpoints. The Primis platform uses data obtained from eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify, Magento) and matches this with live data received from carriers in order to ensure that customers receive the best possible customer experience during the most emotional stage of their buying journey, all whilst staying on-brand.  With CX being such a huge differentiator between brands that drives retention and loyalty, it is essential that brands focus not only on the experience that a consumer has on their eCommerce website, but utilises a product like Primis’ to ensure that consumers are looked after post-purchase all the way through to delivery to their door!

The monies raised will be primarily used for product development (developing their already impressive live front-end solution and back-end analytics) as well as expanding their team. 

Rebecca Griffiths, CEO and Founder at Primis said “Coming from many customer centric businesses such as Amazon, Narvar & Inpost, I know the importance of getting CX right!  However, retailers are still not providing the right focus to post-purchase CX and not leveraging those vital communication touch points with their consumer in order to build a truly customer centric brand no matter what size they are!  Primis is on a tremendous growth journey, so we are excited to have both Haatch and Frontline join our journey to create the next generation of customer experience”.   

Jeremy Luzinda, Investment Associate at Haatch said “We are thrilled to be investing in Primis at this early stage and leverage our eCommerce roots to offer real value to the team. Rebecca brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles at Amazon and Navar. We are excited to be on the growth journey with them and working alongside Frontline.” 

Lauren Kang, Senior Associate at Frontline said “Customer loyalty and retention is becoming increasingly competitive as e-commerce continues to become more crowded. As brands try to delight their customers and differentiate further, they are realizing the value in owning the post-purchase experience. Rebecca and her team have built an incredible product, based on years of industry expertise, that customers already love working with. Primis is well-placed to solve this problem for retailers.”

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